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The following Terms of Use apply when you use your user account in COCINFAR's SMS Service.
 The use accepts these terms automatically, when the user creates his user account and whenever he uses it or recharges it.
 If you don't agree to these terms described in this document then you cannot create a user account or use and existing user account.

 1. Registration
 1.1. Personal Information
 The user confirms that the personal data given by him in the registration form are correct and only for his use.
 The user agrees that case his personal data is changed that he'll contact COCINFAR's Technical Support immediately, using the ways available in he's profile so that the changed data is correct.
 1.2. Credit Card Information
 The user confirms that the credit card information is correct and is owned by him.
 COCINFAR will authorize all purchases manually to minimize the possibility of errors and prevent frauds.
 Suspicious information may be sent to the competent authorities.
 1.3. Acceptance
 COCINFAR reserves the right to refuse any registration request for any reason that it finds relevant.
 The user accounts can be closed or suspended by COCINFAR with a mere pre-warning of 48 hours and without any obligation to refund the user.
 Registrations are processed within 24h, although they can take as long as necessary.
 1.4. Registration Canceling
 The user can cancel his registration answering to the confirmation e-mail that he'll receive in a few minutes prior to the registration process. In his response he has to include his user account and explicitly specify his will to cancel his account.
 If your e-mail is read before your registration is processed, you're registration will be refused. If you're e-mail is read after the processing of your registration, date and time of the canceling request will be verified. If the date and time of the cancel request is prior to the date and time of the user's registration processing, then your account shall be canceled and the user refunded. In case you tried to cancel your user account after the processing of your account, or you've used any credit in your account, then the cancel request will be refused and there will be no refund.

 2. User Account's User
 2.1. Law
 The use confirms the use of its user account in accordance to the Portuguese law.
 2.2. Abusive Messages
 The sending of abusive messages or messages with offensive content is illegal.
 This service is not anonymous and all actions performed by a user account can be traced. COCINFAR will assist the competent authorities every time that some illegality is detected in its service, when sending SMS messages.
 2.3. System Abuse
 Any attempt to abuse the system is expressly forbidden. Cause service fault or in other user's accounts, use fake credit card information, or gain of more credits than you're entitled to will result in a criminal investigation.
 2.4. Main
 The user account is not transferable and the user is solely responsible for any actions performed from his user account.
 2.5 Immediate Close of User Account
 Any abusive use of your user account will result in the immediate closure of the user account, without any right to a refund or compensation.

 3. Storage of Information
 3.1. Personal Information
 The user's personal information is stored in accordance to the Portuguese law  (Data Protection Act - Act 67/98 of 26 October) . COCINFAR can use your personal information to contact the user, if it finds necessary to do so.
 3.2. Information Stored in the User Account
 All the information stored in the user account is the sole responsibility of the user, including any implication of their storage.
 3.3. Loss of Information
 COCINFAR is not responsible for any loss of information of the user account. The user is the only responsible entity for making backups of all his information that he considers to be important in case they cannot be recovered.
 3.4. Information Storage
 COCINFAR reserves the right to retain the user's data up to 10 years, after their last login.

 4. Credits Recharge
 4.1. Credit Card Information

 The user confirms that any credit card's information used is accurate and is his own.
 COCINFAR shall process every purchase manually to prevent the occurrence of errors and frauds.
 Suspicious information may be displayed to the competent authorities.
 4.2. Acceptance
 The user shall be notified by e-mail of the status of his account's recharge, usually within 24 hours. This information will be in the form of acceptance of refusal by the user.

 5. SMS
 5.1. Messages Expiration
 The SMS messages acquired by the user are valid for a period of 12 months. In case the user does not authenticate within 3 months, these conditions do not apply (until he re-authenticates his account, if he ever does so) and his user account, including all remaining credits, will be subject to removal without a refund.
 5.2. Coverage
 COCINFAR cannot guarantee coverage to deliver SMS messages. A list of covered operators is available only as a guide. The user accepts that COCINFAR offers no refund in case the network to which you are sending your message is not covered, regardless it is present in the coverage list or not.
 5.3. Delivery
 COCINFAR cannot guarantee the delivery of SMS messages. The delivery confirmation is available only as a guide. Access to this information is free and requires no request from the user. There will be not refund for messages not delivered or for messages to which there's no delivery report.
 5.4. Content
 The user confirms that he will not send messages whose content is illegal through this system. The sending of messages to recipients that did not asked for them (SPAM) or contain threats or abuses of any kind is illegal. COCINFAR will assist the competent authorities any time it is detected any illegality in the use or its SMS sending service.
 5.5. Log Records
 All the messages sent are recorded in a log. The user can view these logs by accessing to the "Sent Messages" section, in its user profile. Messages can be removed by the user, although they are actually only hidden but never removed from the database.

 6. Technical Support
 6.1. Usage of Technical Support

 The use can request assistance to the Technical Support through the link Support in the top menu.
 COCINFAR applies a zero tolerance policy in regard abusive messages from any user account. If the Technical Supports receives an abusive or threatening message (including swearing), the user account will be terminated immediatly and without any refund or compensation.
 6.2. Response Time
 It is standard policy to reply to every assistance request within 24h after it has entered the system. All these requests receive an automatic e-mail message confirming it's entry in the system. In case the user does not receive an automatic response via e-mail, then he should resubmit his assistance request after 24h.
 6.3. Confidentiality
 All communication between the user and the Technical Support is private and confidential and cannot be shared to anyone else on any circumstance, without the written authorization of COCINFAR's Technical Support.

 7. Information Protection
 7.1. Main
 COCINFAR respect the law  Data Protection Act - Act 67/98 of 26 October, and requires that the user does the same. All the information given by the user has to be true and correct and the user has to inform COCINFAR about any change or error in this information.

 8. Communication
 8.1. Use of the User's Personal Information
 In accordance to our privacy policy, COCINFAR can use the user's personal information to get in touch with him, if found necessary
 8.2. Notifications
 The user will be notified of most of the changes made to COCINFAR's SMS Service through the opening screen when the user authenticates. These notifications are used to inform the user about new features and system events, including maintenance. It's the user's responsibility to regularly check these notifications.

 9. Main
 9.1. System Changes
 The system, including all prices and coverage, can be altered at any time without any prior notice.
 9.2. System Availability
 There will be periods of time when the user will not be able to access COCINFAR's SMS Service, due to maintenance or any other reason. There will be not refunds / compensations in any of these circumstances.
 9.3. Changes in the COCINFAR's Terms of Use
 The Terms of Use of this service can be changes at any time and without prior notice.
 9.4. Cessation of the Terms of Use
 The user has to respect the Terms of Use until he received a confirmation from COCINFAR, via e-mail, that his account has been terminated and the he's been released of the service's Terms of Use.
 9.5. Canceling
 Cancellation requests will be accepted only through the user's profile and the user has to clearly explain his desire to have his account terminated and himself released from the Terms of Use. There will be no refund or compensation of any king for any remaining credits in the user's account.

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