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COCINFAR is proud to apply a policy that assures your privacy.

 We try to enhance our platform's security to the maximum possible for all the visitants of our web site and / or customers of our services.

 We're determined to offer the best possible service quality and with the greatest transparency possible.

 This Privacy Policy applies only to our web site and our services. It cannot be applied to any link / reference made to another site or service of another entity not COCINFAR's.

 This policy is subject to the Terms of Use of COCINFAR's SMS Service.


COCINFAR uses your personal data only to maintain a record of the services subscriber by you.

COCINFAR may, eventually, use your personal data to improve it's service, statistically analyse its use, improve it's contents and offers of products and services. We shall make this approach only with the purpose of improving our web site / service so that we can offer a service as close as possible to our customer's ideal. We may also use your personal data to send you information about your interests, defined in your profile, in case you have authorised us to do so.

COCINFAR will use your personal data and any related information like your past and present activities in the SMS Service to solve disputes, identify problems and assure the correct application of the Terms of Use of COCINFAR's SMS Service.


 All the information sent to COCINFAR through it's SMS Message Service is the propriety of the user. COCINFAR will not gather nor distribute this information without the expressed authorization of the user, except when obligated by the law. Phone numbers and recipient's data contained in the user's personal agenda are also covered by this policy.


 COCINFAR will not send nor rent any personal data of our users our or third-party users. We do not gather any personal data for distribution to marketers or other promotional ends, unless if authorised by the user.

 However, COCINFAR has to cooperate with court orders, information requests by governmental agencies or regulators and other legal proceedings that may require giving your personal data.


 The user can change your personal data at any time. Just authenticate your account and access the Profile option, in the side menu. Every time you change your mobile phone number or your e-mail address, you'll be required to repeat the account's activation procedure, just as you were asked upon registration in the COCINFAR's SMS Service.


 Although the privacy of our customer's personal data is one of the most important issues of our policy, due to legal and technical factors, we cannot completely assure that your personal data will not be available to other entities, through any mean not described in this policy. Additionally, COCINFAR can (and the user authorises to) allow your personal data to be displayed to any private entity, law enforcement agents or government agencies that, COCINFAR in its discretion, finds necessary or appropriate to solve questions or problems. This data display will not be made with any kind of commercial or profitable end to COCINFAR.

 If you have any question about our Privacy Policy or its implementation, please contact us through the e-mail:

 The user accepts this Privacy Policy without it's acceptance the user cannot  use our service. The user accepts all the terms and conditions of this policy.

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