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COCINFAR supports an Anti-Spam policy over all its communication protocols.

 As a result of this policy, COCINFAR condemns the sending of messages without a written approval from its recipient.

 Since it's not possible to confirm if COCINFAR's customers have a written authorization from their messages' recipients, we cannot be held responsible for the delivery of any message to a recipient that didn't authorize our customer to send messages to.


 TeraSMS enables to all those interested an SMS message blocking service where you can prevent your phone number from receiving any SMS message sent through our service. Just enrol your phone number in our list to assure that you'll never receive an SMS message from our service, from any of our customers.

 To enrol, please send a small statement of your will to the following e-mail address:


 In case of any kind of abuse please give us the following data:
 - Your phone number;
 - Date and time (as much approximate as possible) of the message you've received;
 - The content of the messages received (as detailed as possible);
 - Do you have any idea of who the sender might be?;
 - You full name, e-mail address and contact number (could be the same as the mobile phone that received the abusive message(s)).

 Please send the data listed above to the following e-mail address:


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