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Real usage examples of COCINFAR's SMS Service



Video Stores

Travel Agencies

Online Stores

Workshops / Repair Stores / Inspection Offices

Medical Offices / Clinics


Credit Companies

Discos / Bars / Nightclubs

Shops / Resellers

Education / Training

Information / News


- "Today's specials: Steak (E5.00), Cod fish (E6.25). Waiting for you at Food Plaza from 12 to 14 AM"
- "Thursday at dinner, don't miss our buffet with local specialties. Price per person: E7.20"
- "New booking service via SMS. Send a message to 3312 with the word RESERVE followed by the number of persons"

 Video Stores:

- "New this week: The Rock, 7 Days, Terminator 3"
- "This week's promotion: Rent 3 movies for the price of 2"
- "We warn you that the lease of the following movies: Die Hard 2 and Terminator 3 ends today. Each additional day costs E5.00"

 Travel Agencies:

- "Enter Nepal's magic during 5 days (4 nights) for only E 950 / person.50% off on the 2nd person's ticket"
- "Alert: There's a cruise that goes by the country you selected: Tibet, 2 days, buddhist magic"
- "Week's promotion: London E158, Madrid E120, Paris E195, Amsterdam E241. See more details at"

 Online Stores (Resell, Movie Theatres):

- "Your package with the code XY27 was dispatched today. Estimated delivery time: 3 days"
- "Your VISA payment was credited E272,41 to pay for your package ref: XK17AB"
- "You movie tickets have been confirmed. Insert the code XP17AB in the machine at the theatre's door to get your ticket"

 Workshops / Repair Stores / Inspection Offices:

- "Don't forget that FixesAll will send a technician to your house tomorrow at 2:30 PM"
- "Your plumbing's inspection is scheduled for tomorrow at 3:00 PM"
- "Your budget is E725. Answer YES or NO to this message to confirm the repair order"
- "Your TV set is repaired. Total cost E150"

 Medical Offices / Clinics:

- "Your dermatology's consultation is confirmed to 25th January at 4:15 PM"
- "You rlab results are available. You can get them any day from 9 AM to 7 PM at Health Clinic Ltd"


- "The Civil Store informs that you should be attended in about 12 minutes. Your number is 1572 and the actual number is 1570"

 Credit Companies:

- "Your credit request was approved. Please go to a RichLife agency any day from 10 AM to 6 PM to formalize the contract"

 Discos / Bars / Nightclubs:

- "Don't miss nest Friday, 11th, Irish Party, with the band Heart of Ireland. 1 drink = 2"
- "This message serves as an invitation, show it to the door man when you enter NewHotel. Code:XK17AB"
- "Blond night, Thursdays at DrinkHere. Free beer up to 2 AM. Free entry to women"
- "Come and sing in our Karaoke. We've got 723 music at your disposal! Every Saturday at Sing & Charm Bar"

 Shops / Resellers:

- "Week Promotion: HP toners at E15, Aix Computer P4-512MB,60GB at E498. See more at"
- "The equipment that you ordered is in our stock at shop 2 (Benfica). You can get it any day from 9 AM to 6 PM"
- "Harry Potter's new book is available at your ABC shop, answer YES to this message to reserve it"

 Education / Training:

- "Programming class' grades are available. Check the class' homepage at"
- "The Cambridge informs you that you haven't yet paid your tuition. Deadline is 25th April. Contact the treasury department"

 Information / News:

- "Your district's temperatures are: Lisbon 20º, Sacavém 21º, Póvoa de Sta Iria 19º"
- "Your portfolio's quotes are: BES: E1.52(+5.00%), BCP: E2.30(+0.12%), CEMAPA: E1.01(-0.05%)"
- "4PM's News headlines: Ronald Reagan died, IRAQ: More confronts make new victims, PORTUGAL: PS attacks PSD"

And there are plenty more applications, just use your imagination!

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